Kelly Peppe - Vocals Kelly ‘Kid Kelso’ Peppe – Vocals

  • Lady sings the blues,
    she’s got them bad,
    she feels so sad.

    And wants the world to know,
    just what her blues are all about.

Vincent Beckerman - Vocals, Keys Vincent Beckerman– Vocals, Keys

  • Vin is one hell of a singer and also plays keys, so that’s pretty cool!

Robert Julius, Guitar, Vocal Robert Julius – Guitars, Vocals

  • Multi-instrumentalist and songwriter, crossing several genres; R’n’R (Classic, Pop, Alt), Jazz \ Fusion (anyone remember that period?), Swing, Spiritual & ‘World’ (whatever that means to you – despising categorizations), life’s hallways always included music, and continuously stay rooted in the blues. With the personal principle of continuing to explore the power of vibrations and expand musical paths, ever grateful for the gifts given – always infused with the blues.

Steve Borodkin, Bass, Vocal Steve Borodkin – Bass Guitar

  • Steve is a musician, writer, and animal activist and has been playing bass for close to 45 years.

Mike Bennett, Drums Mike Bennett – Drums

  • Mike plays the drums. He is our missing link! But I suppose he’s not missing any more.